Custom car built with auto trends-exuding Veilside style.


Company Name Veil Side co.,ltd.
C.E.O. Hironao Yokomaku
Address 1250-3,Mase,Tsukuba-shi,Ibaraki,300-2656,Japan
TEL 029-838-1104
FAX 029-838-1106
Open 10:00~18:30
Close Wednesday, Sunday

"VeilSide" stands for owner's last name "Yokomaku". "Maku" means "Veil" and "Yoko" means "Side"
We have been built numerious records and history together with Nissan SKYLINE GT-R, and Toyota 80 Supra since 1990, the year VeilSide estanblished.
Our goal has always been to be No.1 in this feild like all tuners wished for.
We have tuned many behicles only to be faster, but it's always betther to get tuned awesome, isn't it?

There are tons of elements to become "No.1" as a parts-creator. What we have been taken care of was our own sensivility and actualization of ideas.
It was nothing else but actualization of our ideas to create "Combat series". Needless to say, there was always hard time in underground to make something come alive. VeilSide is here today because we have never compromised our policy.

"VeilSideUSA" was enstablished 15 years ago in USA. Difference of culture, philosophy and religion were fresh to us that improved our ability. I was able to feel that my sensivility of creative design was growing. Next step of Veilside is to absorb what we can learn from other country and world-widely express "VeilSide-World".

In 1993, speed and formative beauty pursued "Combat Series" and a racing circuit based "D1-GT Series" were released. Subsequently "Fortune Model", "Z33", and "RX-8" from the movie "Wild Speed x3 TOKYO DRIFT" were also released. In 2007, Veilside started exotic imported car brand "PREMIER4509LIMITED". They were flavored by V.I.P such as: world-wide Baseball players, soccer players, and holywood stars and so on. Afterwords we released "4509 series" to the world. We have produced our own original styled behicle "VeilSide4509GTR" based on my favorite car "80 Supra" in 2010. In 2012, we have made a new action in VeilSide-world. Veilside original styled motor cycle, "4509PYHTON" was released. The engine of "YAMAHA 250cc" is used on this model, and anything else is orginally created. (For more information about this motor cycle, view "4509PYTHON" page on this site.) In 2013, We are releasing 2nd motor cycle project which is produced based on "Harley‐Davidson". Moreover, we are producing new customized car based on "Mini-van" and "PREMIER4509LIMITED Model" based on "Bentley".
We will keep fascinating customized car fans by creating wonderful behicles. Please look forword to it!


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常磐自動車道 谷田部インターチェンジから約10分
つくばエクスプレス  みどりの駅より徒歩約20分

Veil Side co.,ltd
1250-3, Mase, Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki, 300-2656, Japan