VeilSide provides customized body kit with original style.

Veil Side CustomCar


We have been reported from a lot of fans of VeilSide which is about malicious trader who use name like "VeilSide XX" and cheat a lot of customers.

It makes uncomfortable feeling to the fans who use real one.

VeilSide can't be guarantee and supply the short parts to the customer who purchased from them and can't say it is VeilSide products. Please take care to no be a fooled.


Currently, there are only VeilSide Co.,Ltd.(headquarter office) and VeilSide Nagoya are permitted to use VeilSide on the company or store name in the whole world.

To all the VeilSide fans who's looking forward our products, please contact us ( ) .

Also, if you find any company or store who use "VeilSide" name, please report us.

We will update the malicious trader who does cheat to our fans.





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Every single detail is given attention to insure full value and quality that exudes pure intelligence and beauty.

A high level of expression that holds a solid determination to lead auto trends.

Regarded as the finest in the motor industry, Aeroworks and complete cars are created with Yokomaku race experience.


No matter how the world changes, our style will remain to continuously fascinate and captivate car fans.

Veilside will always go on the road to master car tuning.

Once you experience Veilside-World, you may find your favorite customized car!

Veil Side co.,ltd
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